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Service version install and setup

1. Download, unpack and service installation

  • a. Download
    From PtokaX homepage download service version.
  • b. Unpacking
    Unpack content of archive to some directory (for example to C:\Program Files\PtokaX\).
  • c. Install service
    • Open command line (start → run → cmd.exe), and go to PtokaX directory (cd C:\Program Files\PtokaX).
    • Install PtokaX service with command: ptokax -i servicename (for example ptokax -i PtokaX).
    • If you want to use different config directory than PtokaX_Dir\cfg then install service with command: ptokax -i servicename -c config_dir (for example ptokax -i PtokaX -c C:\PtokaX).

2. Basic setup

Before we run our compiled PtokaX executable we need to do at least basic configuration.
In source is in directory cfg.example file Settings.pxt with PtokaX settings. You can edit this file with text editor.

Another way is PtokaX inbuild command line menu where is possible to do basic setup, complete setup and to add registered user.
This menu can be used for first time setup and to reconfigure PtokaX. Add reg user part can be used to add additional registered users.
You can run PtokaX menu with command: PtokaX.exe -m

  • a. Basic setup
    In menu option 1 will ask only few required things needed to run PtokaX. Max users, hub name, hub address, encoding for non-unicode characters.
    In case when PtokaX is compiled with database support then database options will be asked too.
  • b. Complete setup
    In menu option 2 will ask for all PtokaX settings.
  • c. Creating registered user.
    In menu option 3 can be used to to add one or more registered users. User Nick, Password and Profile will be asked. It will give hint about available profiles.

3. Run service

This one is simple. Service will autostart with Windows, but when you want to start it manually go to services, right click on service name and click start.
Another way is to start it from command line with command: sc start servicename (for example sc start PtokaX). 8-)

4. Uninstall service

In case when for some reason you want to uninstall PtokaX service then it is similar to how service was installed. But instead if -i use -u (for example ptokax -u PtokaX).

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