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-Google is a very good search engineIt's been in business since 2001 and is nowadays dominating the marketOther search engines like Yahoo, [[|Bing]] and others have a lot smaller share in the marketHopefully that will change sometime soon in the future.+==== Welcome to the PtokaX Wiki! ==== 
 +{{:wiki:ptokax.gif?nolink|}}This wiki is devoted to let users share information about hubsoft [[|PtokaX]] and related things.\\ 
 +=== Wiki content: === 
 +[[guides|PtokaX guides (compileinstall, setup, using).]]\\ 
 +[[changelog|PtokaX changelog.]]\\ 
 +[[luaapi|PtokaX Lua api documentation.]]\\ 
 +[[scriptinghelp|Lua scripting help and example scripts.]]\\ 
 +[[dcprotocol|Direct Connect protocol documentation.]] 
 +=== PtokaX links: === 
 +Stable PtokaX versions are available on [[|PtokaX Homepage]].\\ 
 +Development PtokaX versions are available on [[|PtokaX Forum]].\\ 
 +Scripts and support is available on [[|PtokaX Forum]].\\ 
 +Extensions for [[|Lua programming language]] used in PtokaX for scripting are available on [[|PtokaX Forum]].
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