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Compile on Debian/Ubuntu

This guide was tested on clean installation of Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze/Wheezy and Ubuntu GNU/Linux 13.10.
Everything is done from command line, that means everything can be done over ssh on remote server.

In my case was only base system installed, that means after startup and login i was already in command line and working directory was my home directory.
If you are not in command line then you need to go here some way (ie if gnome is installed then open terminal).

1. Prerequisites.

For PtokaX compile you need make (tool controlling executable generation from sources), g++ (c++ compiler), zlib (compression library used to save hub badwith), tinyxml (library used to read and write xml files) and Lua (programming language used for scripting).
They can be installed using package manager (Note: to install packages using package manager you need root permissions).

  • a. Make, g++, zlib, tinyxml
    Install them with command: apt-get install make g++ zlib1g-dev libtinyxml-dev
  • b. Lua
    When you want Lua 5.1 then install it with command: apt-get install liblua5.1-dev
    When you want Lua 5.2 then install it with command: apt-get install liblua5.2-dev

2. Downloading source and compile.

  • a. PtokaX source
    Download it with command: wget
    Unpack downloaded archive with command: tar -xf
    Now we have in actual directory new directory PtokaX. Go to that directory with command: cd PtokaX
  • b. PtokaX compile
    When you have Lua 5.1 then compile PtokaX with command: make
    When you have Lua 5.2 then compile PtokaX with command: make lua52

3. Setup and run.

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