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 ==== Next Release... ==== ==== Next Release... ====
 +Fixed: Missing reason from !tembanip and !fulltempbanip command (thx The-Master for report).\\
 +Fixed: Move up/down script in gui caused invalid memory usage for disabled script (thx The-Master for report).\\
 +Fixed: Not working SQL wildcards in !getipinfo command (thx Alexey for report).\\
 +Fixed: Crash when script stopped next running script in some cases (thx Cęńoßy†ę for report).\\
 +Fixed: Crash on script error in OnTimer when timer was removed (thx Alexey for report).\\
 +Fixes: C stack overflow, invalid share and user count. Caused by Disconnect from Lua scipt called in (Op, Reg, User)Disconnect (thx Cęńoßy†ę for report).\\
 +Fixed: Issues with Ban commands caused wrong nick and reason length counting (thx [NL]-Quasar for report).\\
 +Fixed: OP was able to redirect yourself (thx Cęńoßy†ę for report).\\
 +==== 11 April 2017 ====
 +Added: Reconnect to database on connection failure or connection lost.\\
 +Fixed: Compile for Windows 10 IoT.\\
 +Fixed: Typo in server manager and resource leak in sqlite on exit (thx Pavel Pimenov for report).\\
 +Fixed: Incorrect long length message when incomplete search command was received (thx Alexey for report).\\
 +Fixed: Search request was sent to users without share (thx Pavel Pimenov for report).\\
 +Fixed: Missing $ValidateDenide when user use nick that is in reserved nicks (thx Alexey for report).\\
 +Fixed: Extra pipe in !checknickban result (thx Alexey for report).\\
 +Fixed: IP and Port check in DC commands. (thx Mank and Rolex for report).\\
 +Fixed: Missing IP check for validity in some hub commands.\\
 +Fixed: Empty password received from user was not checked properly and accepted as new password for reg.\\
 +Fixed: Bandwidth waste, when IPv6 user send search request with IPv4 address.\\
 +Fixed: Possible crash on hublist registration (thx Pavel Pimenov for report).\\
 +Fixed: Bind to single IP caused bind to all addresses when IPv6 address was empty.\\
 +Fixed: Typo in scripting interface. MaxSlotsLimt -> MaxSlotsLimit (thx Cęńoßy†ę for report).\\
 +Changed: Log script errors is enabled by default for PtokaX versions without GUI.
 ==== 3 September 2015 ==== ==== 3 September 2015 ====
 Added: Support to build with Lua 5.3 on Debian (Ubuntu, Mint, Dyson...) to makefile (make without param).\\ Added: Support to build with Lua 5.3 on Debian (Ubuntu, Mint, Dyson...) to makefile (make without param).\\
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